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Hey. I'm new to the this website and computer art. I have a question on this project I am doing. I am wanting to color this and I have the colors I want down but I want them to blend together if possible. to get an idea of what I'm saying about blending and how I would like it go here and look at 00:04 seconds in and at 00:50 seconds in. This is a picture of my cat Arrow. I started it for fun and decided to go all the way and make a nice picture. The pictures are attached. Both of are listed in order. The first is the regular picture, and the second one is the picture without the background. So my question is how would one blend the colors of his pelt. I want the colors of his original coat but it looks... 'stupid' if I just color them in. It'd be a load of help if you could tell me how to make it look more natural. Thanks in advance! bubblerevolution.tard3.png The picture is copyrighted. © 2011 Elemantal productions.



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smudge from pyrochild's plugin pack seems to be what you are looking for...

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