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Cut ouy picture

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I have a pic of my self, from my head to my chest, I would like to cut it out so I only have my self and not the background. And when I have cut it out, it only need to be me, no background, I will need it to put on a homepage, but there can not be any thing self than the body, so the frame need to "follow" my curves, can that be done?

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I dont think I can use the links you have send. The thing I need is to get only the body to fit, so like on this pic:http://img594.imageshack.us/i/unavngiveth.jpg/

all that is inside of the green line, nothing more. Else it will be a withe square on the homepage, it need to blend with the baground of the homepage.

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Once you have cut out the image of yourself (using either of the links that Mountnman gave you), resize it to the required dimensions.

Next SAVE AS..., and select the file type PNG. You need to use a file type that supports transparency if you want to overlay a background and have the background show through. GIF and PNG support transparency, JPG (as in your link) does not support transparency.

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