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WOTW Theme Discussion Thread

Possum Roadkill

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Wallpaper Art Competition Special Theme Discussion Thread


WOTW Comp General Rules:

All submissions must be created in Paint.net with the exception of renders and stock photos when allowed.

Minimum size is 800 X 600. There is no maximum size, but keep in mind that people will want to look at your image

and if it takes too long to load, they may not look at it.

Please try to make your image in the proportion of a Wallpaper, because this is a Wallpaper comp. (Duh!)

NO PLACEHOLDERS Do not post an entry until it is a finished product. NO WIPS !

Obviously you cannot use the stocks or renders as your entire submission (when allowed), so the majority of your image should be created in Paint.net.

Special rule # 5. Do not anger the Possum.

Submission Rules

All images must be submitted to me in a PM. 

Do no post your image in this thread ! 

Do not post your images in your gallery or any other gallery until this comp is over ! 

I will post your image in the poll, that is the only time your image should be seen before the voting begins. 

Do not sign your image or put any kind of identifiable marker or logo in your image that people will link to you.

You may post your image on any other website where you are a member 

(i.e. Deviant Art, PdN Fans Forum, Facebook or any other forum or website, just not on this website until the comp has concluded. 

NO PLACEHOLDERS! Do not send an entry until it is a finished product. NO WIPS (works in progress) !

No images previously submitted will be allowed.

I reserve the right to add to the rules as people do things to annoy me. (See special rule # 5.) 

The Special Theme discussion for the SAC has been so successful that I thought I would once again

turn to you the members of this forum and ask what you would like to do.

So, I'm now taking suggestions in this thread and will choose the next theme from the suggestions given by what seems to be the most popular.

Heck, I might even throw in a suggestion or two myself.

So, make a suggestion, or two, or more and if you don't have one to make, then comment on the ones that other members make. Sound fair? I hope so !

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That's a great idea for a wallpaper competition! It would really get people thinking about their wedding dresses! Do you have any other ideas? [/sarcasm]

Dude! What are you on? I don't think it is good for you just the same.

Possum works hard to keep the comps going & to make them interesting. Sarcasm directed at Possum is unwarranted.

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I think he's referring to the spam I deleted.

Ok, I didn't know about that one. Sorry Himselff22 :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Thankfully that means then the theme will definitely not be wedding dresses :lol:

Perhaps we could have a series of art movements? Like Cubism, Pop Art, Dadaism, Impressionist/Expressionist, Mimimalism etc.

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No problem. I would've reacted the same way if some one did that to Possum.

Now on to the discussion...

:D Thanks B)

Some of the ideas from my art notebook...




microscopic world (nano-bots, viruses, bacterium, crystalline structures, etc.)

life in caves

make your own family crest

distorted perspective

city scape


toys in the attic

things made from dots


renewable energy

what's at the end of the internet?


shades of gray

liquid cooled .....

pick a line from a song and paint it

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theme(s) suggestion

"That's so (insert decade here)"

wallpapers that reflect the life of decade, or our idea of that decade.

while i was around during the 70s i dont remeber much. the 80s are much clearer, but we all have ideas of what life was like way back when

1890s - The g** Nineties

1920 - The Roaring Twenties.

1930s - The Turbulent Thirties or Threadbare Thirties

1940s - The Flying Forties.

1950s - The Fabulous Fifties or the Nifty Fifties

1960s - The Swingin' Sixties.

1970s - The Disco Era

1980s - The Decade of Decadence or Greedy Eighties.

or whatever strikes you abotu the decade.. my memories of the eighties, for example, are not of greed or decadence, but of rock music and big hair, and the coldwar

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I like Mountnman's suggestion for a decade that we remember the best but we should be allowed to use stock as well.

No seeing any additional discussion, Mountnman's suggestion will be the next theme. Give me some time to write up the particulars and I'll have it posted as soon as I can. I should caution everyone that I might throw in a twist or two just to keep you all off balance, because that's the way possums roll. (Oh yeah ! I've been waiting for a chance to use that line!)

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Possums roll in direct proportion to the diameter of the type that flattens them..., don't they? :lol:

(don't mind me - It's Friday evening and acccording to Harold Camping, the world ends tomorrow...) :(

It did. This is all an illusion. You are merely a butterfly dreaming that you are a human posting on a forum about Paint.Net. A very artistic butterfly with great digital dexterity and a knack for making great digital graphics.

The poll is closed and the votes are in. I'm getting the next comp ready. Hang on to your hats, it's a tough one.

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I have already decided what the next theme will be. But first a little background. I had a specific need for something and Pyrochild was nice enough to take a look at it and came up with this really great plug-in, Grid Gradient. He has not yet posted it to the plug-ins forum, but has given me permission to post it here and use it as the basis for the next WOTW theme. It creates a grid and fills each cells with a gradient. It is an extremely versatile little tool that once you play around with it, will give you many ideas for it's use. So in order to give you all a chance to get familiar with it, here is a link to my Media Fire folder.


Enjoy ! Make sure you let all your friends know about it so everyone knows it's here and ready for the next WOTW !



pyrochild edit: Full version of Gradient Grid is here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111660-gradient-grid/

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Save it to your desktop when prompted to "Save As". Then right click on the file on the Desktop & select copy. Usually My Computer, Local Disk, Program Files. Find your Paint.NET folder on your computer. Paste it into the effects folder by right clicking & selecting Paste. You will find Pyro's new plugin in the Render menu.

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It doesn't give me an option of where to save it. It just says "Save or Discard", then gives the normal "this type of program may harm your computer" warning. After that I get the normal Download icon on the bottom of my browser. But when I choose open, I get the error message.

I use Windows Vista and Google Chrome.

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ok, do you know where Vista saves to by default for things you download? I've never used Vista but it should be something like Downloads folder. Would have been the same when you got PDN. Once you've found it, do the copy/paste thing into the Effects folder same as other plugins.

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Ah, okay. Usually when I download a plug in, it makes me unzip it first. For some reason this one didn't come zipped, and just went straight into the folder, which was throwing me off. Got it now. ^_^ Thanks!

Sorry bout that. I thought about zipping it and then decided not to because it was just the single file. I tend to over think things. Should have zipped it up like I first though. Thanks to Barbieq for the instructions ! She's a proverbial lifesaver !

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