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Basic Layering Question

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Hey all, thanks in advance for being nice to the newbie here. I'm (obviously) pretty new to paint.net and need help with a layering problem for a project I'm working on for an art class.

I have to create a bunch of new road signs...don't ask; this class is stupid!

So I've got a template for the sign itself:


And then I've created a few different symbol pictures to put on the sign like this one that is supposed to signify a baseball field:


Adding the layers is easy enough, but the part I can't figure out is how to edit and manipulate the symbol picture once I've added it as a layer. I found out in another thread how to make the baseball field picture transparent using one of the plugins, but have spent an hour trying to figure out how to manipulate it once I've added it. There must be a way to resize it and move it around the sign layer to make if fit right, isn't there?

Apologies if this is already covered somewhere in the forum, but I didn't see anything after browsing for awhile.

Thanks much!

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this is fairly straightforward work--

load your "road sign"/create new layer/ import "symble"-- youve done this

you dont need a plug-in to remove the white portions- using the magic wand set to global( or simply pressing the shift button when you click, select the white area- tis will select ALL the white area - hit delete and it goes bye-bye, leaving just the black-

then select the "move selected pixel tool" from the tool box- this will be the blue arrow- click once on the picture and little circles will appear at the corners, and midway down the sides of you pic- grab a corner circle (press and hold) hold shift down and move your mouse- this will resize without distorting or skewing it- grabbing a circle and moving the mouse without hiting shift allows you to resize the picture without keeping the Height/width ratio

left click inside the image and hold will allow you to move the image around, while rightclick and hold inside the image will allow you to rotate the image on its center point

hope this helps

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You could have saved yourself some effort and created the overlays on a transparent layer. Ctrl + A followed by Delete key erases the contents of a layer, or add a new layer :AddNewLayer: which by default shows up blank/transparent.

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Use the Move tool :MoveTool: , not the Move Selection tool :MoveSelectionTool:

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