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How to edit text objects?

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I am new to paint.net and I am facing challenges to edit the text. I was making logo and for that I need to add three different colors text. I added the first text with selecting color & font, then I added the new text with different color & fonts on the same layer.

But, if I want to edit the previous text, how can I edit that one?

I apprecite your help.


Rana Khan


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Hi. This section of the forum is for sharing tutorials you've written, so I'll move it to the right place for you.

Moved to General Discussion & Questions

As for your question, Paint.NET does not support re-editable text. That is, once the text is finalized (you're done typing it), it just becomes an image, and the only way to change it is to use the regular image editing tools like Move Selection or retype it.

To minimize the inconvenience of starting over every time you need to change the text, we recommend you always put text on its own, transparent layer. That way, if you need to change it, your backgrounds or overlays don't need to be redone - just the text layer.

You can also look into Simon Brown's editable text plugin, here:


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