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Resizing images to same dimensions?

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Hey guys, I am new here, was referred to this software, tried it out but can't get my desired results so just thought I'd ask here for help? I have about 16 images of website screenshots, meaning I took full page screenshots of different sites to use in my Portfolio page so I need the dimensions of all 16 site's screenshots to be the exact same size which is 192x115, problem is I am not allowed to type in those exact dimensions before resizing. Is there any I can get my desired results please?

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If your images are all the same size originally, open them in Paint.NET.

You can then remove any part you don't need. Crop to selection would work.

Resize the image to what you want BUT be sure to untick/uncheck the "Maintain aspect ratio" & it will let you type in those exact dimensions.


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The only way to keep the image from being distorted when you resize to a different aspect ratio than the original is to crop it. Check "maintain aspect ratio" and make one of the dimensions match the desired dimension, then resize canvas to crop it to the desired size.

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