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Feature request: Save State

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I've thought about this recently and I think it would be a neat feature. The functionality I'm asking for is a total save of Paint.NET's current status, all images, all layers, and preferably the history as well, to a Paint.NET specific temp folder, where the saved state would be available for reopening the next time Paint.NET is started. Yes, this is very much like the functionality a lot of browsers have been including lately, and I think it would be useful.

Now after perusing the FAQ's, I can tell from similar requests that this would probably be a fair bit of work. Well, it's just a request, and I'd like to see if other members of the community are interested too. I hope you consider it for a future version Rick, and thanks for making this awesome free program. :)

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I would love something like this.

Something I would like better would be to be able to save 'presets' for plugins. e.g. you have specific settings for a certain plugin that you don't want to forget, so you save it. Functionality like this is very similar in FL Studio with VST instrument plugins. Paint.NET, however, would probably need to create a 'wrapper' which has all those saving/loading presets 'built in', else all the plugin developers would have to manually add that functionality.

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