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Question about making signatures

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Hi, I'm new to paint.net.

I would like to learn how to make nice/cool signatures. (I'm pretty noob when it comes to this stuff, but I would still like to learn.)

Some examples of some signatures that I would wish to learn how to do below. (The signatures are made by someone on a certain gaming and trading site.)






Basically I would like to learn how to add effects like this to a signature.

Making it rain or snow, moving water, making something glow, moving flames, and other nice/cool effects to a signature. :)

What plugins are good to use for this and if there are tutorials on doing any of these effects?

Is there a certain place to find cool/nice backgrounds to put pic on and what are some nice/cool fonts to use for signatures?

Also what is the font that is used in the image below? (I want to use this font for the first signature that I plan to make.)


Thanks for any help at all, it is very much appreciated. :smile:

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Try searching for 'animated image' using this link: http://searchpaint.net/

The font is probably a custom one. Try identifying it using whatever search engine you normally use.

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This software is free and should give you most the effects there. But you will find those signatures have advanced techniques of layers and animating. You might find it difficult to just create those signatures..


Try this useful website for creating fonts . There are methods of loading fonts into your windows system folder from custom font sites like dafont. But this site provided will give you basic appreciation of fonts.

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