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Inexperienced! Need lots of help please!

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Hi... my first post here. I've got a lot of reading and learning to do. Gonna take a long time, it seems so far. I need to reread the FAQ and such, but I haven't found anything for near, very beginners, yet. I have played with MSN paint, and my grandsons kidpix a little. I have studied art in various traditional media, online and some books for 10 years and painted and drawn a little. I mostly enjoy oils and watercolor. I started learning about and using computers less than a year ago, but had been online for 20 years with an antiquated and limited browser/system. Like I said, I have used msnpaint and kidpix, some fun but mostly frustrating. I eventually want to learn photo manipulation and etc., but right now, I need some very, very basic questions answered to start with please.

Is there anywhere you recommend I start reading? I am mostly interested in just drawing and painting at this point.

I started to play around in the program and it looks really great. When I erased, I was surprised to find a gray and white exposure underneath. I suppose this has something to do with layers, which I know nothing about digitally yet! I'm used to erasing and seeing white! haha Could some one enlighten me on the usefulness or purpose of this checkerboard underlayer??? And/or how to gt rid of it if I don't want it? I'm familiar with toning a canvas and gridding... but not with such a pattern. IS there anyway I can erase and see white, or should I learn more about this method and where? I think that last night I remember that I found out where to adjust the size of the eraser, (I was sleepy!) but how about the shape?

I guess that's all for the moment..... Thank you very much for any help!!!!


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The chequerboard represents transparency. If you save the image as a PNG, that part of the image will become transparent:


If you want a solid white background, add a layer underneath and fill it with white.

You can't change the shape of the eraser, but you can create a custom shape to erase once using the selection tools.

Thanks for your reply Simon! I had to look up the definition for PGN, haha!!! but am here to learn. I have a lot to learn about transparency in digi painting also. Not like glazing with a brush!

OK, I will have to read a tute on layers also... to find out how to do one... underneath.

Thank you for the info on the eraser shape!!!!

Any very beginner tutes you can recommend, please feel free! I will learn in time!!!


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Is there anywhere you recommend I start reading?

Read These and also press F1 in Paint.net to be taken to the online help files. There is a heap of info there to help new (and not so new) users.

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Sorry EER, issue solved , I think. (Editing to remove my question didn't work. I did edit within a few minutes of posting...)

yikes! I guess I was too quick and now I have an unnecessary post... Sorry!

Edited by gracey
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