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Paint.NET preferences

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Hi everybody,

I'm new to Paint.NET and I think it's a great piece of software. But sometimes I get confused with it. So here're my questions:

1. Where do I find the "preferences" (i.e. program settings) of Paint.NET? I search all menus and toolbars as well as the help but couldn't find anything about it.

2. When I paste an image from the clipboard it asks me whether I want to expand the canvas or not. I always want this so is there a way to set a default in this dialogue and never have to click it again? I want to switch this dialogue off.

3. Same for saving images - after I've entered the filename and folder location I press save and then I get a second dialogue about the image properties. I am used to setting image properties on the dialogue about the filename/location. Can I do anything about that to improve the usability of this?

Thanks for your support!


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1) There isn't any. The only thing I see is to set "Translucent" and "Aero Glass."

2) The dialog box is to help you make sure you are making an informed decision every time; otherwise, there'll be flood of posts that contain question of why Paint.NET isn't behaving the way folks think it should behave.

3) I think this has been addressed before. Are you using the latest version, v3.5.8?

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In the Settings there's no option for specifying a default Save location. Saw a posting about this from 2007 in which there was no support for this. Has something changed since then? Have no idea why it's default is what it is and would really like to change it.


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Hi Udonna and Welcome.  It's a good idea to read through the Rules before posting - please see Rule #11 about old posts.


However, there is a more recent thread where you can read about the subject of default saving here.


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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