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pic area is cut

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You need to be a lot more informative if you want any help.

What version of Paint.NET are you using?

What version of Powerpoint?

Are you pasting from Powerpoint to Paint.NET or the other way around?

Also, moved to Troubleshooting & Bug Reports


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Hi all,

I've got the same problem. With the newest version V3.5.8;

Selecting an image with ctrl+a, copy with ctrl+c and then pasting in Powerpoint 2003, ctrl+v.

On the right side of the image there is a line from a 3 pixels from the left side.

Test1.png is from Paint.net


Test2.png is saved from Powerpoint 2003


Somebody got a clue what i'm doing wrong? Or is it just a bug?

Greetings Mathijs.

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This might be your problem:

You're probably using an old version of PowerPoint...

2003 was eight years ago. It's old, old, old. Try pasting into some other apps and tell us if the problem persists. If it doesn't then PP might be the issue.

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