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Mad props for 3.0

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I've been using Paint.NET for a while now, and I want to say that 3.0 is amazing even in its Alpha state. I use it extensively and have yet to have it crash on me, and I can't even think of any bugs I've run in to.

With this release, I think I am just about out of ideas for what I'd like to see. Increased text capabilities (text along curves, bordered/styled, etc) is the only feature that I can personally think of that sometimes feels "missing" (and I use that word very lightly, as PDN is obviously full fledged program.)

When I found Paint.NET, it was just what I've always wanted- a powerful, easy to use, and effective paint program that keeps the simplicity of MSPaint. Keep it up guys! :D

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Exactly! I haven't been paying much attention lately, and I don't usually download the Beta versions. But I had to have this one. Multiple documents AND gradients. Amazing, truly. And like Mario said, different text capabilities is the only thing I miss now. Thank you for this wonderful update, you rock!

Rock! Rock! Till you drop!

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