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The Not Letter Word Game

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I like this game, so I want to revive it. PLEASE READ THE RULES, new users; they're on the first page of this thread.

Bagged :arrow: Cloth

Suggestion... take your own advice. :P

EDIT: Why. you. little. editor! :D

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I like this game, so I'm reviving it.

New users, PLEASE read the rules on the first page before posting. It's more complicated than you think! :-)

Bagged :arrow: Cotton

EDIT: I know, I's been over a month, I forgot about the delete and the two-vowel rule. Besides, I meant to hit Preview, not Submit.

Darn mods, screwing up my stealthiness... :-)

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semi > dual

Latin lesson:



Arithmetic lesson:



Algebra lesson:

.5 is the reciprocal of 2

English lesson:

reciprocal- the rational opposite of a fraction


Semi and dual are not only similar, but they are also opposite. Therefore, I am cool and you should buy Linkin Park's "

" on iTunes 8)

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