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The Not Letter Word Game


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This game should take a little more thought than other games you might have played. But, give it a shot.

All you have to do is post a word that meets the following:

1. Single words, no hyphens or abbreviations

2. It must have a connection, however tenuous, with previous word, same meaning, opposite meaning, etc.

3. Must be English.

4. No Proper Names.

5. Most important - must not repeat any letters in the previous word.

6. Words must use 2-3 vowels. Vowels are A, E, I, O, U, and Y.

7. The first correct posting is the valid one and only mistakes on the current page should be 'picked up'.

8. Words must appear in http://www.dictionary.com or http://m-w.com for this game.

9. No repeats on the same page.

10. No edits (delete is an edit). If you make a mistake, live with it.


boxed :arrow: wrapping (This is good--letter P is repeated, but that's OK)

wrapping :arrow: towel (Not good--letter W has been reused)

I'll start:


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