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Branching for Undo History

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Feature Request

Could we have "branching" for the Undo History? This way, I won't make the mistake of undoing, and changing something, not liking it, undoing it, and then realizing I can't redo back to the original state.

Another mistake I make is undo a bit, then use the select tool, and then think "oh, nevermind", and deselect it. Then I realize I can't redo back to the original state. (This one's my most common mistake I make.)

For practical implementations

  • Delete old branches after about 100 revisions or so
  • Allow user to delete nodes/branches
  • The current branch the user is in is changed to the "default branch" in the History GUI (like the one we currently have). Branches are visible in a separate "Branch Viewer" for advanced users.

If I'm speaking nonsense, please ask what you need clarifications on. :)

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