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How to put round text into blank round space?

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I have gotten to a point where I have the round text,, I have a seal with a blank space.. I would like to put the round text into the blank space,, but when I try, and no matter how I try,, the text is a white square with round text on it when I try to place it in the circle.

The other thought that came to me,, what if ..(the text circle size was a guess) the text does not fit.. how do I expand or collape it? I know I have in the pass while playing with round text.. gone back to that effect and changed angles, start points etc.. is that the only way?

I have attached what I have so far. ( I tried to attach the Paint.net file but I guess you can't, so these are the two I am working on,, as layers in Paint.net)

Thanks for any help.




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