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Paint.net Update

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Just Joined & most impressed with Paint.net. Very disapointed that XP is to be excluded wef late 2011. Cannot support for this very stable OP system be continued for a while? Particularly as this will exclude ( Iwould think) many existing members.

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XP is ancient technology. Rick prefers to advance his product, rather than spending time troubleshooting legacy OS's.

You should bite the bullet and upgrade. Windows 7 is such a nice place to be - and yes I came to Win7 straight from XP.

The XP userbase is falling fast as people take up Win7. Rick does take note of the numbers. Your opinion that the XP cut off for PDN 4 will cut many users is quite simply wrong.

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Paint.NET 4.0 will not support Windows XP. XP may have been a great OS for its time, that time is long gone and you need to accept the fact that it is ancient and on its deathbed.

This discussion hasn't gone anywhere the last 400 times someone has decided to bring it up, and it won't go anywhere this time either.


as far as i know it will only be windows 7 thats supported :/

PdN4 will run on Vista


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