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You know you're lazy when...

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Let's try something a little bit fun.

Inspired by UsedHONDA's post You know you're addicted to Paint.NET/the PDN forum when...

...When you can't be bothered to actually think of proper examples

...When your desk looks like a rubbish dump

...When you put off doing all your work by making silly forum games.


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You teach your dog to bring you a beer from the fridge because it's just too far to walk.

You leave the TV on a really awful program or infomercial because it's just too much trouble to click the remote to another channel.

You convince yourself that your rear end going numb is a normal thing because it's just too much trouble to get up and move to the sofa.

You only use the keyboard shortcuts in Paint.Net because that darn mouse pad is so big and that mouse is just too heavy.

You always type PdN instead of Paint.Net because that's just too many letters to bother with.

You call everyone Buddy because it's just too much trouble to really learn their names.

Your name is Possum. I mean your name is REALLY Possum, not just a nickname.


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When you`ve got a nice motorbike sitting round the side of the house on a beautiful summers day but you leave it there because you can`t be bothered to take the cover off!

When you can choose to sit down with the laptop or get up and go for a nice walk - and you choose the laptop.

Wen you cant be botherd to check speling and punctuation in posts. (So irritating )



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