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Plugin for speech bubble AND thinking bubble

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I thought I would ask, as I have searched here and drawn a blank, I use a nice plugin for making speech bubbles

and wondered if there was one that enabled the 'thinking' bubble too...

Its something that has been very useful, and the 'thinking' bubble, would be great as it is not an option

in the plugin I have been using up to now

Thankyou in advance for any pointers you may be able to give


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Thankyou for your comments, I have seen your posts for a long time and you would know if there was

something that could be used.

The plugin i use isnt signed anywhere so I dont know who wrote it, its a great tool though, very simple

and the addition of the 'thinking bubbles' would make it complete...

I will persevere, and make them.

Thanks again


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Here 'tis....,Speech Bubble. Why don't you ask in that thread if 'thought bubbles' could be added as an option?

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