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My old object-feather got corrupted somehow so I tried to redownload and discovered you changed to the selection-feather. Now I can't see what it looks like until I unselect, and the results aren't as good as they were before. If anyone has the old version, I want it back, bugs be damned. This new one is useless to me.

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I do have a question though. About this selection feather plugin, is there any way to increase the limit significantly from 10 pt? I'm currently working on a little high-resolution thingy for print, and when printed, the 10pt feather is barely visible. I'm looking for something atleast ten-fold.

BoltBait, I am interested in something beyond 10 as well. Did I understand that each step in the slide is calculated manually? So coding up to 20,30,40 sounds like a lot of work for you...

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