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To introduce myself with a sig thread :]

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FinalThought Sig Thread.

Hi I'm FinalThought or FT... whichever you like.. and ive just joined... ive been looking for more paint.net users.. and i should of known that there would of been a forum where pdn was being supplied at @_@... well ya.. just wanted to post a sig thread :]... Yes All made with paint.net also... i kinna feel conceited..

These are only a couple of sigs.. cause like.. i cant post them all >.<





and question of mine how big are sigs able to be on this forum? and uhhm.. love this forum >.<.. just been on for an hour.. and already found out lotz already.. like how to make blood.. AND AWESOME GLASS BUTTONS!!... :]...



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Nice sigs.

When I had my first sig they just said "Make it smaller." So, mine is now the way it is. But I think yours is ok, if not maybe slightly smaller (height).

Anywho, about aligning your sig, the code for center alignment is

, not [align=center][/align].

Don't think centering works on here... hmm...

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