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Merge two colors

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First of all, my english is bad, so I'm not even sure, if it's called "merging" or you would name it other way.

I'd like to get this basic effect:

  • 2me3ltz.jpg

  • (click for larger view)

The effect, when the picture is so smoothly changing into the blue color.

I guess, that this is probably made of two layers, one with the picture and the second one with blue-and-white background, plus used some Multiply on it, but the main point is still, how to change (now the white color) smoothly into the blue one.

Edit: Huh, now I reminded of some Gradient tool I tried a few times to use and that solves the previous problem pretty much. But it can be used just to merge two colors. I would rather find some technique or tool, which could be used to merge two pictures - I mean, when I have for example two pictures lying nearby without any change, then I'd like to make the edge, which they touch each other by, smooth.

This is one I made some years ago:

  • j5ysnt.jpg

  • (click for larger view)

I stressed the edge line between the two pictures here in preview.

I was doing this picture just for fun (I hope you see, that in the lower part there is a sea, but in the upper part there is a river :) ). I tried several color and brightness enhancements to make them similar, but the edge between those two pictures is still easily recognizable.. :/

I hope you roughly understand, what I'm looking for.

Thank you for any advice.

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it would be fairly easy- put the picture on one layer, add another layer, fill it with the blue and use the gradient tool on transparency mode

i know there is a tut on it.. ill go find it and put in a link

in your pic set -- the girl would be in the upper layer and the buildings on the base layer-- if you would provide both base pics it would be easier to show you using screenshots

ahh. here we are... http://forums.getpai...camaro-picture/

seems pyro answered a similar question recently here -


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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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Wow, that Camaro tutorial looks great, thank you!

I thought I know the Gradient tool, but now I see that there is still a lot to explore in that tool.. :) I haven't tried to use it on pictures or with transparency mode yet.

How it comes that mostly every "unsolvable" problem I have turns out to be some basic stuff in a while.. :D:/


PS.: I've spent some hour by training and.. Look at that river / sea picture now! Still a lot to improve, but looks a bit better, doesn't it? :)

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sweet-- if i didnt know where the joint was i couldnt find it--

i wonder-- if you added a third pic-- just a bit of water with low waves and set it to overlay over the river water would it help it blend better?--- just thinking in type


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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