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Help with distorting image into a book page.

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You mean bending the text like it's on a page? Try Tube Effect (aka tube oblique?) .

Bending the text:

1. Duplicate your image layer :DuplicateLayer: (just in case - or if you want the bend on one side only)

2. Run TubeOblique on the top layer. Shift the second slider slightly to the left (-22 gives a nice page bend).

2a. If you want to remove one side of the bend, select t hat side of the top layer and press delete.

Shadowing the spine-curve

3. Create a new layer :AddNewLayer:

4. Set primary to a nice light grey like 7F7F7F.

5. Do a linear gradient :LinearClampedGradient: from spine side of image toward centre of 'page'

6. To remove the white, run Black and Alpha+ at defaults (or select the white with the magic wand at a fairly low tolerance & press delete).

7. If shadowing is too intense, press F4 & lower the opacity.

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