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Request, drag canvas to resize

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Searched and this seems like the best place to post this. If there is a way to do this and I've missed it I'd be really glad if someone would point me to it, though if there currently isn't a way I would very much like to request it.

The biggest problem I run into time and again in Paint.NET is not being able to drag the corners of the canvas to resize it. Its incredibly frustrating pasting something onto a canvas and then not being able to resize it by eye or feel. To make it worse the option box for resizing isn't dynamic, it only makes the changes according to the numbers you enter after clicking "OK" so you can't increase the numbers and watch the canvas resize to where you'd like it and either way having to use numbers to resize it is frustrating when just grabbing a corner and dragging it would be so quick and easy. I often end up having to jump between Paint.NET and MS Paint just for this feature but that's not an option when working with transparency.

Still thanks for the great free application, I've been using it for ages though I mostly do simple things. As you develope it please don't forget the basic features, the little things that just make life easier.

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Searched and this seems like the best place to post this.

Translation and Localization seemed like the best place to post a feature request? Um, ok... :lol:

Moved to General Discussion & Questions

I do like the idea though. Could be more convenient than the Resize dialog, though it may get in the way, too.


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Oh "bloody potato"(? lol), sorry, I thought I was posting in General. That was bound to happen sooner or later though when having to many tabs open lol. Thanks for moving it.

I have to say, at least for me, it would definitely be more convenient, also it wouldn't have to mean an end to the "Canvas Size" dialog box and the work already done on it.

Also I don't think it would get in the way if implemented in such a way that people don't accidentally resize the canvas when they want to resize the picture/layer or vice versa. For example a button on the "Canvas Size" dialog, lets say "Use mouse to resize", which when clicked would make the grab points appear around the canvas as they do for layers and the user can resize it from there, pushing Enter accepting the changes and Esc cancelling them.

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