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Fade the edges of a cut out circular pic

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I have cut out a picture of a rose using the ellipse tool. It is now in the shape of a circle. All I want to do is fade the edges of it, so they are blurred. I know this is most likely a VERY easy thing to do, and I have been searching everywhere in the forums, and tutorials for help, BUT I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING THAT STAYS ON TOPIC, OR HELPS.....I, quite honestly am sick of looking. I'm sick of reading posts that are WAY off topic. I give up.

Please help. I know I looked for this before. I know I actually found how to do this before. And I just give up. I'm sick of looking..........I can't find it even in my own posts. I don't know why. Maybe something has changed, or some of my posts have been erased. I don't know. All I know is, IT'S NOT WORKING FOR ME.

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Hey guys.....


Sorry to  come in without introducing myself, but I do need to fade edges of a circular image using paint and 

I saw here a guy who did it with a circular image of a rose and someone explained to him how to do it.... I followed exactly what was said but it did NOT work at all.....  :unimpressed:


Anyone up to giving me a hand??


Thank you so much in advance!!!


PS: why is it that i am trying to load a profile pucture and it has the perfect size, but here won't accept it, it only stays uploading and gets stuck in there?  MAYDAY!

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Use Alpha Blur plugin, it is a more understanable method:


The procedure is to:


- Make the selection

- Invert the selection

- Erase the outside with Eraser

- Deselect and Apply Alpha Blur as desired.


Alpha Blur plugin


Check this short video of the method:


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You could also use the "Elipse Select" tool, keyboard S, selecting the circle where and how big you want it. Then under Edit invert the selection, delete and you have the circular image.  Now go here and use this;  http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26479-trs-edge-fader-extreme-v-44-7-26-2013-fast/



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ftlog, this thread is twice dead. First in 2011, then in July of last year. You know it's against the rules to necropost.



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