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How do I make more text that looks like this?

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Hi all,

I'm about the furthest thing from a graphic designer, but I've been asked to make a blurb that is done with text formatted exactly how this is:


Same size, color, typeface, shadow, etc.

Is there a way to do this that does require like 6 hours of guessing?

Gratefully open to suggestions,


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Size: usually the simplest way is by trial and error. Type the same word on a separate layer right on top of the original and play with the size until it matches.

Color: Use the eyedropper tool in Paint.NET to pick up the exact color.

Typeface: Use a site like WhatTheFont to upload the image and try to auto-detect the font, or use Identifont to answer questions about the letters to figure out what font it is.

Shadow: Use a dropshadow plugin. Search the plugins section of the forum for one.


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Here's a good way to cut down the time that this will take:

Ask the person, who has asked you to do this, what font it is.

If they don't know, send them to Dafont.com .

Have them choose a free sans-serif font that they think matches well enough.

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