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PDN Copyright notice obscures online Help

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Whenever I go to Help>Help Topics [F1] in PDN, the copyright notice appears at the bottom of the Internet Explorer window. If I then need to scroll down a page to view more of the Topic, the copyright notice 'floats up' the screen in proportion to me scrolling down. This means a large part of whatever Topic I am trying to read is obscured by this copyright 'banner'.

I would like to have uploaded some screenshots to illustrate the issue, but can't get them below the 250k upload limit.

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If you're seeing it in IE9 then you've turned on compatibility mode. Click on the little torn page icon on the right side of the address bar.

That's fixed it!

Due to horrendous problems with pre-release versions of IE9, I had turned ON Compatibility View for ALL sites. Have now turned it off, so will see if I get any other problems. Cheers

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