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PCX Plug-In

Joshua Bell

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Hello everyone! 


At my job I need to edit some PCX files. I got this to work last time, but I got a new laptop refresh and I cannot get the PCX plugin to work anymore...

Here's the link for the plug in: 


The download link is dead, but there is a modified version of it in the comments that someone took over and kept updating.

Here's the link for that: https://yadi.sk/d/QmrhD56-wfaoF or you can go in the thread and find the link yourself.


I downloaded the zip and I placed the .DLL files inside the /programfiles/paint.net folder and it's not working. I tried to put it into the effects folder, same issue. Then I did both and it's still not working. I also but it in with and without the text file, and it will not read any PCX files that it was able to read a few weeks ago on my old laptop.


Am I doing anything wrong? I'd appreciate any help! Thank you!

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