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The Three Word Game.

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all the universe.

Okay it is done. Here it goes!

In the wild, I met a dead blackbird that had three spleens that were saturated with ebola, which infected Mr. Paint because he wasn’t paying attention to the maladjusted which was eating delicious apple pie and drinking some axle grease with some dry ice and a coke after drawing a giant purple hippo.

Only friend of him was a giant purple hippo who has a giant purple hippo that has another secret to tell and a dollar just for testing the coke machine which was completely tipped over from the Halloween parties which are delightful!

My hands are rainbow colored because I eat skittles and I love singing in the giant purple hippo?

He was married with someone called “Man dances with Hippo’s.â€

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billowing australian flag

Yes, last 3 posts.

Back on topic.

pyrochild != Extra

(!= is "not equal to" for you non-programmers)

just because we both have fiery sigs and avatars doesnt mean we're one person! lol


ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

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