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One hidden power of Shape3D now revealed...


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

One hidden power of Shape3D now revealed...


Using shape3D (link) with some unusual settings could give some good and interesting results:


From scratch and only few steps (3 to 6) you should obtain amazing pictures.








The secret is here:

1. Create/Load a picture with a vertical or horizontal subject (seamless is also better). Of course you should test what ever you want...


2. Run Shape3D with this settings (save it as XML to reuse it quickly next time...) :



3. If needed adjust the result with a little radial blur.


4. Go one with more complex combinaison the way you like...


Some more samples:




Julia (I should have made a white or black background layer)






random shape fill (small circles)




The Layer blend mode is also a good way to mix them together and obtain a huge number of possibilities




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I'd have never considered using Shape3D like this. Thanks MadJik!

Last image: Animal?? boltbait.hmm.png

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