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Cut Out Borders

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Hi Everyone!

I am fairly new to PDN. I was wondering how to do a border similar to the attached picture. I'd like to use stars. I have tried to use custom mini brushes but, I don't want to paint over the picture, I want to cut out of it, like the attached picture. Is there a way to do this in PDN? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!boltbait.smile.png



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On a new layer, use leaf silhouette brushes with Custom Brushes Mini to make a mask.

Use the mask with the Alpha Mask Import plugin to cut out the border your image.



Thank you for responding! I am really new to PDN, so I am still confused on how to do this. I was looking for a tutorial on alpha masking, but I didn't find one. Would you, please, be more specific on how to do this. I know, I am really new. Sorry! I appreciate the help so much!! Thank you!!

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