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Damian's art: an update :)


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Hi All!

I picked up Paint.NET about 3 years ago to try my hand at speculative aviation profiling, here was my first ever profile. It is an SH-360 ( a mash up of SH-3 and UH-60 parts) done up in a fictional South African coast guard scheme:


I then not only discovered layers but also this form and the Simmers paintshop. With the guys from my fav haunt urging me on I tentatively took steps to improve my game so to speak. Leading to works like this Ausie F-14:


And this VF-0:


Next came the awkward stage of high lighting and shadows (I'm not a trained artist) which was...interesting. The F-4 Phantom being my first victim:


The more I played with the program and the more I learnt from others the more my skills grew, I started drawing my own line art such as the RA-5 Vigilante:


I have since changed the way I do my high lighting. The lastest pieces I've done are my OV-1A Mohwak and a collabarative Macross VF-1 Valkyrie project with a very talented line draughtsman going by the moniker of Talos.

The OV-1:


Project Valkyrie VF-1J:


I hope to post some more up in the near future boltbait.smile.png

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I am so glad you posted your older works as well as your newer works, the progress you have made is incredible! I love the last one as well, but I really like them all. I really like this sort of art, but never got into it like so many other things...


Wait! No matter where you go, there you are!

We're all wise guys.

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Did someone say family model Valkyries? Well I'm sure someone must have muttered it :)

Continuing my on going joint project with the ever talented Talos I presnt to you two examples for the VF-1D+. You can think of it more or less like the F/A-18D, it can be used as a trainer or as an attack/FAC veritech.

1. The "Virign Road" VF-1D. Painted up in Max Jenius' colours and flown by him with his new bride as the GIB or should I say BIB?


2. Here's machine 102 from VT-102. This is the first Veritech flown by Hikaru/Rick :)


I hope you like them!!!


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