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Due to the recent spam posts...


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2Admin: Sorry if the message doesn't suit your forum. Kindly ask to move it to an appropriate section. Thank you.

Why do some spam posts have this in the end?

I think it's because those spam programs post the spam in the FIRST forum (Which is in most of the forums the General Chat forum).

So if Rick creates a forum called SPAM and makes it the first forum, with a sticky note NOT to post there and NOT to click the links (or disabling them from appearing on that forum), I think we could stop programs from spamming our GD forum.

What do you think?

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I just joined here and was asking a core 2 duo question when I saw this, I am a MOD at a site called Russian Detective http://russiandetective.forumup.org/

we deal with russian romance scams, so we get a lot of backlash from scammers that we post info about, this makes us the target of meny spam attacks, infact the have gone beyond the board and hit the server as well, shut us and 8 other sites down, luckly the board and the main site use different servers, what we have had to do is shut down all posting by guests, as most spammers dont bother to sign up, and also put a PM cap on new members, (can't PM untill you have posted 10 times) as for what to do with the Spam, we have a closed section that you can only see if you have Admin. rights, with in it are a Mod lounge, ect. and one called Spam Dump just for spam, and out of public eye, I also spend a great deal of time going through the memberlist looking for links in profiles that may be uncalled for, (pills, xxx, poker)

Though maybe this might help?

Never Send Money Western Union

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We also do similar things, it just takes time out of an otherwise good day to deal with the junk. It's a recurring cost :-\

Oh and please change your avatar, it's inappropriate for this forum. I've removed it for now.

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phpBB is the most spammed forum script. It's one of the reasons I switched to SMF and UNB on my sites two boards.

As to the message I guess they hope that the admin will actually move it as opposed to deleting it (yeah right).

phpBB is also a target of membership spam where they just sign up to get the link in their profile. Goto memberlist then change the options to select sort method: website and order descending. You will see a lot of people with 0 posts such as Neznayka2007 which is a spam member (in my opinion).

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