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Birthday is coming up


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So I was considering asking for Photoshop as a present

Buut, I've always been rather content with PDN. That's not to say I wouldn't like another program that has more kick to it, ya know?

So is PS a big step up compared to PDN?

Are there any huge advantages that make it worthwhile?

Oh and I guess it's worth noting that I can buy this through my college for like $60 instead of $300 or w/e it's normally priced at.

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Consider what you use PDN for. What you can do with PS that cannot be done with PDN?

I have no need for anything that PS can supply over PDN with the one exception of CMYK color formats. I can live without this.

Save your money (buy a tablet!)

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Photoshop CS5 Extended (I think that's the newest version) costs about $1000. No kidding. I think my bro got CS5 through (college name intentionally not mentioned for privacy reasons) for I think around $400. The only thing I would use it for is Liquify (selection is placed on a grid and you drag points to distort...It's pretty cool) and content aware heal. The number of plugins in pdn that Photoshop doesn't have makes up for those two things. Like eer said, save your money and buy a tablet. I got one for my birthday a while ago and now I never get to use it because the rest of my family loves it so much :roll:

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I downloaded the trial to get a feel for it.

I remember trying it before actually, I can't remember when.

It is indeed a huge learning curve. Partially because I'm very used to PDN. For example it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to zoom in lol.

From what I've discovered (which is very very very little of CS5) I really like the Pen tool and the ability to change the brush hardness.

Those are two things I'd nearly kill for in PDN.

However I REALLY hate how clunky it feels. Drawing shapes is a pain, and I still can't find any options to choose how they are filled or not filled.

Oh and I HATE HATE how their filters (which I assume are synonymous with PDN plugins) lack GUI's (UI's?)

I'd have to agree with you, though, that the plugins make up for a lot of what CS5 has.

For now, I'm dropping the idea of CS5 for my birthday. If I can really learn how to make some incredible stuff with this trial then I'll reconsider.

By tablet you mean a drawing pad with a pen, right? When I first read tablet I was imagining Tablet PC's, like an iPad.

Those sound like fun. Someone suggested I get one a month or two back, but I was kind of pushed away from the idea when I saw that all the tablets (that I found) wore away the "nubs" on the tip of the pen over time.

Got any suggestions on tablets to look at?

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By tablet you mean a drawing pad with a pen, right?

Yup :)

Those sound like fun.

Yeah, I think with visual aids, so I can see one of these being awesome.

Got any suggestions on tablets to look at?

Wacom Bamboo or this little cheapy: Genius MousePen i608

Note: Paint.Net doesn't do pressure sensitivity :(

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You're welcome. Have a happy birthday! fugue.cake.png

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+ Pressure sensitivity

+ Pen tool, vector shapes

+ Advanced layer system; layer groups, filter layers

+ Easy mask system

+ can export/imprt paths to/from Adobe Illustrator (I think)

+ Advanced RAW editor

+ "status"


- costs a lot of $$$

If you're fortunate enough to get a discount, USE IT.

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I draw like literally draw anime and do other things on PDN that you can do on photoshop. I have a laptop and i use both a tablet and the mouse thing on the laptop so I reckon that PDN is a free, generous program to use instead of photoshop... but thats my opinion, yours could be different :)

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