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WebP support?

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Hi ekerazha, welcome to the forum.

The words 'Feature Request' are specifically forbidden in thread titles (see Rule #6). I've edited the thread title for you.

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I have had this pointed out to me.

"Feature request" by itself is not allowed. The words in conjunction with more info is allowed. My mistake :(

Humble apologies to ekerazha!

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I do not have any plans to add support for that file format. (Does anyone even use it?!)

You're certainly welcome to write a plugin though.

It's a new file format. I also think that Paint.NET support could help to make it more popular.

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Was looking for WebP support too. It's a very important technology for the future of the web.

Look at the significant savings here: http://my.opera.com/chooseopera/blog/on-a-horse-opera-turbo-to-the-rescue

Anyway, I'll look into writing a plugin when I get some free time. It might not be until this semester is over...


hey would make more sense to write a WIC aka Windows Imaging Component plugin for paint.net



this also has a huge benefit of allow for opening RAW files like Nikons .NEF and Canons .CR2 and any other wic codec from sony, panasonic, samsung etc,

i posted about this a while ago

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@null54 has just released this: WebP filetype plugin.

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