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Skullbonz Art Gallery - May, 5th- Train Set and more


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I'm speechless.


When I first found Paint.Net,I had no idea what I was doing,which frustrated me often. I decided to do some tutorials to help me understand the program better and maybe actually make a picture,lol. I will tell every new person to go do some of the great tutorials written by fine artists,don't give up,ask questions,don't be afraid to experiment and last of all have fun doing it. Those tutorials will help you understand how all the great plugins or effects work and how they work together. They are valuable learning resources.  I thank all the fine people who write these tutorials,make the plugins and build paint.net.  The forum serves as a meeting place for everyone and everything. Without you all I would still be in the dark ages with windows paint or gimp,THANK YOU!

I hate that I'm only just now reading this, nearly 7 years later.  However, I'm so glad to be here, right now.  I've always been interested in GFX, but I've allowed myself to feel that things were simply too complex.  I understand logic.  Programming.  GFX design has always seemed so foreign, yet so freakin' cool!  Most coders I know, suck with GFX, but I want to free myself from my self-proclaimed, "coder's curse".


You've inspired me.  This forum's inspired me.

Time to get to work.


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