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I am still relativly new at Paint.net. i have seen some people in their images, not neccesarilly(sp?) made wtih paint.net, have a clouded effect that kind of makes a transition, an example being:


the cloud effect in the lower right hand corner is what i am asking if it can be done with paint.net, and if so how?

i did look through the 4 pages of tutorials, and i did see 1 or 2 related to this but not the same, i may have missed it when i was reading over the titles though.


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BoltBait, I do not belive that would be a very good solution, I do belive that there is a simpler one, were you would just draw a lot of gray dots (big ones) in the area you want to cloud, than make random black dots within this gray cloud on a newer layer (higher layer) than Blur the bottom one, and Blurr the top one a bit more, so it blends a bit more...

Than, drop the optimicisy(sp?!) to your likeing...

I'll write a tut on it, give me a bit...

EDIT: Referr to my tut in the tuts section...

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Actually, it might be better if he just had the original picture (without text) on a base layer and did this:

1) Create a new layer on top of it.

2) Type the text in white on that layer.

3) Duplicated that layer

4) Turned the text on the new layer black

5) select the layer with white text

6) Gaussian Blur (30?) that layer so that the proper shape of the white cloud is achieved.

7) duplicate that layer several times until the proper shade of white is obtained.

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