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Im a newbie to paint.net and I have a problem and im hopeing

that somebody can help me.

When I draw an image or put text in and I make the background

transparent and save. PS I save to my pictures.

When I drag my image or text onto my clip in my programme sometimes

it works and someimes the background goes black could someone

tellme why it goes black about 90% OF THE TIME boltbait.sad.png

Gary s

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What filetype do you use? What program is this? More information please.

If the program/filetype doesn't support or has partial support for transparency, likely, it sees your transparent background either as a transparent white or a transparent black. You can't tell when it is white, so it looks normal then. However, when it is black, the problem becomes apparent.

I've experienced this problem trying to save animated gif images with Simon Brown's plugin. To fix it, I select all the transparent pixels and hit delete. This should leave you with a transparent white.

This is all just my attempt at guessing. I have not asked anyone to confirm it so there is a high chance of it being completely wrong. However, my method of fixing it seems to work for me, so you may want to try it yourself.

Awww Sarkut beat me to the first two obvious questions XD

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