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Soften Portrait Effect

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I hope it's ok for me to be asking this... I'm a big fan of the Soften Portrait effect and I use it all the time on still images. Now, I would like to use it on video files. I think paint.net is not meant to handle video files (?), so I thought I'd try to reproduce the effect in my video editor (I basically tried a combination of sepia and gaussian blur), but, I can't seem to manage. I mean, whatever I got so far looks nowhere near as great as what "soften portrait" does to still pictures - not even the colors. Is there any way I can find out what combination of more basic effects "soften portrait" is made of? And would that involve using masks to apply the blur, for example, as in the "soft portraits" tutorial ?

Thanks in advance if you can help with what I realize must be a very unusual question.

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