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Spontaneous Translation?

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I opened Paint dot net yesterday to find it in Chinese. i have spent the last 2 days trying to figure out why and how to change it back. My 12 year old swears it was not him. hmmmmm

1. Can I change it back to English with out re installing?

2. If I must re install how do I safeguard my .pdn files already in my computer

Thanks in advance. I am not a newbie but i am certainly a novice and appreciate the help

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1. Utilities -> Language -> English. ("Utilities" is the third menu from the right)

2. You don't have to. And even if you do, installing/uninstalling Paint.NET doesn't do anything to your .PDN files. (why would it?)

These things don't spontaneously happen. Someone has to click on the language menu item for the language to change. So, rest assured, your computer is not full of ghosts or malicious spirits.

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My Paint.Net suddenly started coming up in Spanish. I can assure you I did not change the language from English. I uninstalled it then installed the latest version 3.58, choosing English as the language from the drop down menu. All the install prompts come up in English, but when the program starts it comes up in Spanish. What gives?

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