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Frank Miller type Strip [cutout plugin??]

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I'm not sure about limiting the image to certain areas... but to make something look sketchy, go to Effects > Artistic > Pencil sketch and that should work fine.

No not at all. I am specifically trying to get this certain effect and not the pencil sketch.

I want to create a stencil like image with two tones, black and white, to give a Frank Miller style to my work. Thanks.

Anybody know of any plug ins that can help? Thank you

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Okay I have used this plug-in and I am impressed with Half Tone and notably Threshold.

Unfortunately there seems no instant answer, for seperating the colours for a stencil effect. It leaves a good effect, but not a pure hard cut stencil which is what I was hoping for...

I managed to create this image (well actually several but I won't post em all) *maybe later*


I noticed in order to get the hard cut stencil look, which seems to be evident in this picture with your advice, I did have to make the image smaller. Which in future might be a pain.

Original Image...

What I would have liked is something cross between my work above and This image

I am not faulting your advice, it was good :) Yet I hope you can see the last image ^ in order to get the hard cut stencil has to be made smaller. Which in my opinion is the long way around. I would have liked to have seen someone answer "Yeah there is a cutout plugin!!" Lol. mm

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Yeah there is a cutout plugin!! Cutout Effect ...however I'm not sure it does what you wish. But there IS one ;)

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Yeah you were right, the cutout plugin isnt what I am after. But Thanks. :) (That cutout plugin works v.simular to posterize)

Okay so this is what I did

  • Open Image
  • Black and White
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Curves
  • Threshold

and this is what I got. I found curves important, and although I thought blur would ruin the work even just 1 unit of blur is a difference.


And the next image is what I created in Photoshop, just to give a comparison.


I dealt with lighting differently. But you can see what I mean about making Paint.net images smaller. Otherwise once you make them smaller there is not much difference to the naked eye.

Finally an image (done using Photoshop) with a brush on top. Just posting for interest.


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