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Installs not working...

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The older versions of installs with get removed from newer install but the reinstall of older versions from newer installs of the newer versions removes features from the previous versions.

And some versions dont have uninstaller with them. Or installer on one. All worked until i downloaded the latest version. Even if you dont have the previous version for downloads, can there be a way to at least be able to get an installer package for the program for older versions?? And uninstaller packages. The older version of install i was using doesnt have the install package with it or uninstall.

Doesnt make sense of course, why im posting.

Edit: Removed link to older versions, which isn't permitted.

Here the website i downloaded some older versions at. I downloaded i think 4, but i had only missed the intial release of paint.net, so version 2.1 is where i had started but didnt have anything higher then 3....least before the last 1yr maybe 2. The image of the Car was a big association of the program. The image for the program in relation is no different really then the one then, but maybe a shade of lighter or darker. Program features and design is the same, but install lately of it is weird.

Only the newer versions contain the same features for some reason.

Cause you could do 3d boxes and spheres i think with paint.net. I downloaded i think few plugins then for 3d. Not the greatest 3d program but useful if wanting to put the work in. Otherwise it was just having a bunch of programs for different 3d aspects. Im not for sure though now specifically, but outside that fact is still other features.

Im just wanting to make sure that either isnt bogus software, free or not. Otherwise might of installed to quickly from different versions, got most to work, but still issues. I'll still work with them though.

Also plugin accesss is different, think the site has been updated to say since i had used paint.net last. 2.0 think was a big thing for paint.net, and i had missed it. Only thing i remember most. Since then i dont know.

I'd say the installers and uninstalers basically would be the same without too much differences if any at all. But i dont know. The differences from first use and latest i dont know what the bigger of all differences are suppose to be. I'll check though to make sure. Probably should search the forum for a version compariosn chart or something maybe.

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Paint.NET doesn't use a separate uninstaller. It's managed by Windows Installer. To uninstall it, you need to use the Add/Remove Programs utility in the Control Panel.

If you're having problems with installing, updating, or uninstalling, read this thread:


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Right, k..got older uninstalled right...found version left off on which is 3.0 not 2.0. My mistake. What other versions that was in use after 3.0 till now i dont know. Finding out now. All versions downloaded though now install and uninstall as needed. 2.1 and 2.6 still give me problems though which is weird cause i was using 2.6 before i was posting in the forums as of late, but yet still was using a version higher earlier in use. which was 3.0. I cant find the say newer versions on disc anywhere so far, so downloading the newer version didnt look right.

Downloaded newer older versions, and then installed latest version and all seems good. Just the part of missing older new version for use now until post in forum for version features, and uninstalling, installing issues. Cause i got older files saved with paint.net that are newer version files. How i got 2.6 idk.

Just making sure that something is right at least. Found the roadmap, so version info not needed. Just gotta find maybe what plugins i was using.

Have had to reformat and etc since then, Had gotten a virus at one time i think, but did delete it and etc, and making sure what files are what to a small point. So far not awhole lot has changed. In terms of websites, but whats the versions of downloads for programs.

The newest version didnt seem to work right. Removing older versions didnt wanna work, and installing the latest didnt either. But got most if not all that fixed. Trying to get around maybe to a post in plugins for a bit but kinda waiting and checking a few things.

Thanks though...

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