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Noob - terminology question - not sure what to call it

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I'd like to look up how to replicate the effect in the image, but I'm too new to know what the effect is called.

I see two rectangles, and there's a "shadow" of some sort "under" the top rectangle.

What would you call that effect, and what tool would produce it?




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That would simply be a drop shadow, and some gradient work

I would make 2 layers, fill the background in grey, and on the above layer draw and fill the rectangle leaving bout half of the height left in space.

Then id duplicate the layer and Use Drop Shadow (use search tool to find it in forums). Then id click the gradient tool and select circluar gradient, then id click the colour icon. Then id click and drag from the center.

Thats how id do it :)

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This tutorial, for tapered line, you actually don't need any additional plugins:


And according to this tutorial, your basic shape is this but in size of 28x28 pix


When you stretch it to the sides using Move Selected Pixels tool :MoveTool:

You will get exactly the effect that you asking about:


I would say it is a Transparent Gradient, rather than Drop Shadow, because here I used the gradient on a bottom portion of an ellipse

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