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Newer Paint.net versions.....

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Well given that Paint.net latest downloads are as good as previous ones, when will the newer versions of paint.net have the features in previous versions?

Given of course that the previous versions have been released at some time and the work involved has already been done, with whats not in the latest versions what could be expected in the newer releases?

Honestly sometimes i think its and industry trend but hey, with it though is still the thought of whats coming out next in the newer releases, even though previous versions dont have much room for comparison on this one of course, since the latest download isnt like any of them. Has there been any interest in a newer release?

I hadnt really used my computer for awhile and getting back around to things has made a download of the new versions a need to say. Given Paint.net has something different in terms of use against any of paint program and the like and visa-versa. And of it is the lose of better features of use with the program in terms of where or what other paint programs are or is at.

Paint is still nice, but theres a break away, and using Photoshop has limits, and Gimp is failry more complex i think in use from using paint, paint.net, and a photoshop mixture. Others seem more niche, but still have overall use with in them.

But all of least is the idea of paint.net. Rather it was suppose to be a replacement for paint, i dont know, but seemed more geared of those directions with what it had to offer for use.

So, are there any ideas or thoughts for newer releases anytime soon? And with that will there be any archiving of the current releases?

Archiving seems to be the topic honestly of late of any peice of software, why we may never really know of course, but since at least maybe the idea is up there might be able to have some room of work or interest of it.

Since of that at least is the idea of being able to download it elsewhere if possible, maybe maybe not, rather archiving is something of actual interest is always the question more then anything i think, since its seems none existent here. Probably has a price tag of course and of it given a free download basically for the times of software releases, as i had said before, cant really complain much honestly. I just had a bunch of computer problems where getting rid of some programs of more use then not. But thats always the case it seems.

And i dnt think i can say im the only one of interest of the ideas either or thoughts of newer versions of release of paint.net or any program really. Given the use of older ones is in contest. Either way leaves room for some complaint one form or another.

Some info might be nice, and might be somewhere on the website honestly. But of it at least is still the time taken trying to work with what isnt there and trying to find out why without knowing the difference between then, which is fine, but hasnt really been very useful in terms of where the interest is. But with what has been done is been a lot and very useful.

And anything of use is always ideas of interest. Updates and some reasoning to them is better part. And of all is been put to a point, other then whats not there though, which lacks in comparison but does work with what has been said. So no complaints really there from what i could tell and read of.

So, somehere in there is a thanks but then not to some point, but still can say it really. Either way, of anything by now more then nothing is known on anyone part, right? Think its called progress sometimes, but it probably varies of some section 8 article in some text.

This post i think was put better then the last. Not really going for an English Major either every time i post . You could probably update your whole site and release two new versions before anything like that is done. When what can be put down is a lot simpler and smaller really. In terms of some convo maybe, idk. Not trying to be too literal or techincal of anything given the difference in topic are probably some what evident. I moight be slightly short sided given, who actually made the program and who responding, or those in work the program and site, might be two different things, but i try to leave to small justice to place of post and topic of website. Most is probably rambling and i dont know it.

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as to the question in the first sentence, i dont think rick has a release date on the next version yet

if there was anouther question in there, somebody else can sift it out


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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Seriously. Stop mashing your face against the keyboard and try to construct just 2 meaningful sentences.


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I really don't understand if anything specific is being asked or stated. It sounds like it is computer generated.

In fact, I once wrote a program for my Computer Science 223 class that used a Markov Chain to implement just such a "random writer." You would feed it a bunch of text you'd already written, and it would use simple probability to randomly create new text. An abbreviated description of the algorithm is that it would determine that a 4-letter string such as "The " had a certain probability to be followed by the letter a, b, c, ... z and it would pick one based on those weightings. Let's say it picked 'b'. Then it would shift over by 1 letter and figure out what was probable to follow the string "he b". Maybe it would pick 'o' and then 'y', resulting in "The boy". Repeat.

In this case I used instant messenger logs from the past 12 months or so. You know what it wrote?

"I love christmas presents! Hi all I'm have to go pee, I might sing a little but it's okay"

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