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Older Versions of Paint.Net

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I was wondering if there was any older version of paint.net open for download. The newer version i hadnt quite used for awhile and given that its an additional program of use from the original paint program to additional features of use, i was just wondering where those had went to in the newer versions and if any continued develpoment of progress will be put into those areas. Since the newer versions seem to be a backwards direction from the older paint.net versions.

Ive read the other posts but known really state much of anything to why at least any features of the older versions let alone the older version are no longer open for use or download.

Even though it is a free program, you are taking and given on a basis of commercial means. If you are going to make a program and offer it as a better use of such given what is considered standard of software applications and within its development of additional uses of software and wanting to compliment to the times of digital works in terms of paint and manipulation. You should maintain at least software releases the same. Without the manipulation.

Just cause of one thing doesnt mean another. If the version isnt going to work, then having a new one is pointless.

Its nice to say at least its free, but everything in use is basically something in means of pay. Which works both ways of course given reasoning of either one direction.

So of it at least you'd at least think user friendly of features be able to be download which a lot are with the program. Or used to be, not anymore from what i can tell. But of that also, at least though again what comes with the newer versions, makes hardly anything newer of them.

And how you or whom ever can have a stated site of newer version for download is about anyone guess.

Having somthing stated as something lesser is better then something newer cause at least with whats stated it is as it is. Even without fine print. Here fine print might be the case but in most of what isnt in fine print is stated fairly clearly.

But of all i was just wondering more then anything. For a free paint program it isnt all that bad, for it does cover some simple ideas and some complex ones, but the older versions were better.

Newer might not mean better, but its not even stated here to allow to be said so. Well, can of course.

Some feedback would be nice, but of this though, with it being something free isnt much room to complain.

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Firstly, go here and read rule 8.

"Having somthing stated as something lesser is better then something newer cause at least with whats stated it is as it is" <-- what does that actually mean?



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I agree with pyrochild. This rant does not make any sense, except that it follows general rules of English syntax. Please, share what you're smoking. Then we can all go watch Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

Also, remember that Paint.NET is free. I don't owe you a damn thing, least of all anything asked for in spite. I am not your servant.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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