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I need help with a lighting background. like the sun.

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1. Open a new image with the background set to black.

2. Create a new Layer and select an ellipse within it (about half of the canvas), and render white and light red clouds within the ellipse.

3. Do the above again on a new layer, however this time create the clouds with white and black.

4. Merge the cloud layers down.

5. Run zoom blur at full zoom.

6. Create a new Layer and using the text tool type in the letter A - black and Arial text.

7. Create lens flares in another new layer.

8. Create a new layer below the layer with the text and create another lens flare to give the appearance of the sun breaking above the top of the A.

9. Merge all layers down.

10. Duplicate layer.

11. Delete everything below the A on the duplicated layer by using the 'rectangle select tool'.

12. Run Wet Floor Reflection.

13. Lower layer opacity to about the half way mark.


Total time to create = 2 minutes

Note - I have not specified any settings as it is very much personal choice... and this in turn would become a tutorial. If you play around with settings you can more or less replicate the image which you would like to know how to make


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Thank you ventor this is really helpful!

Note that my effort was really rushed.

After step 5 it would appear as though there is a slight gaussian blur.

My instructions will give you enough of an idea to replicate the picture fairly closely. Play around a little bit and don't be afraid to experiment. You may even end up surprising yourself!


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Well I guesse I'm just really trying to figure out paint.net at the base. If I really like it then I will go all out and get a lot of plugins.


fair enough

i did notice that the orriginal had a white outline(blurred) around the "A" this could be acomplished by putting a white A on a layer under the black A and using a slight zoom blur on it


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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