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Crop to preset size

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As an ex Photoshop user, there is a facility missing from PDN (or at least I can't find it!)

In Photoshop there was a tool which allowed me to type in a width and a height and a unit of measurement, for instance, 6, 4 and inches which would give me a 6x4 ratio image. I could then drag a rectangle across my image, and the crop box would remain in the correct ratio, making for very easy cropping when preparing images to be printed.

Is there a similar way in PDN to achieve this?

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see just above the drawing screen it says selection tool, selection mode and then normal.

there is a wee little arrow to the right of the word normal clik that

you can set a specific size or ratio option. if you clik fixed ratio another two boxes pop up to the right where you can put in #'s

or if you want specific fixed size you just clik that and there will be the same two boxes pop up to the right that you put in your 4 x 6 and also note that another box appears as well where you can change to inches or pixels etc.

hope that's as clear



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