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Is it possible to make a selection brush

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I was wondering if it was possible to make a selection tool that works just like the brush tool and pencil tool.i think it'd be much easier to select very small areas with this.If it is possible can you guys consider putting it in PDN if it isn't too much of a problem.thanks in advance for any replies.

Also while im at it can you make the transparent background design customizable because all the grays make it kind of hard to tell if you have a stray pixel.I'm currently using PDN to sprite so stray pixels will get me flamed on the site i post them on i'm also aware that i could just make a layer to cover it but when i click save im reminded of the extra layer than i have to cancel and remove it.Thanks again

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PDN doesn't currently have this (closest is lasso select), but if you have a lot to select that is really small, there is a workaround.

1. add new layer

2. using the pencil tool or paintbrush set to pixelated, draw where you wish to select

3. use the magic wand tool set to global to select all you just drew

4. turn off the visibility of the selection layer and return to the original layer

mission accomplished

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