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Scan from sign-in screen?

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After having experienced a major virus (and having to reformat my computer, therefore losing everything on it) I got thinking about new ways to protect my computer. I was curious as to whether it would be possible to scan from the Login Screen. This would be particularly useful in that some viruses, similarly to the one I had, start their mischief the second you sign in and load the desktop. Basically, it would run a program and scan the drives, memory, etc. from the Login Screen instead of the Desktop, therefore not loading anything else. I figured it would look something like [THIS].

Would this be possible?

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It's most certainly still possible. My copy of Linux has full read access to my Windows partition (and write too if I got off my lazy rear and set it up correctly). Windows PE (or copy-OSs like BartPE) would be even better...ask an IT person you know to try it out. Norton or one of the other big virus companies might have a bootable scan product.

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