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Trouble installing 3.5.6

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I have a Windows XP Service Pack 3 computer with .net Framework 1.1. When I try to download Paint.net version 3.5.6, it gives error message. As I understand it, version 3.5.6 asks for .net Framework 3.5. The problem is that .net Framework 3.5 is incompatible with net Framework 1.1. This means that I would have to do all kinds of maneuvering to get it to work and I am not that savvy or that comfortable digging into things. I understand that .net Framework 4 is compatible with .net Framework 1.1. Any chance you can allow .net Framework 4?

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.NET 1.1 can coexist on your computer with every other .NET version except 1.0. The "incompatibility" you speak of simply means that applications written for 1.x won't run on .NET 2.0+.

And Paint.NET can already run on .NET 4 if 3.5 is not installed.


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